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We are now family

Today I unpacked my bag. I put my clothes back in the drawers and I put the pictures back on the walls and then I fell to my knees and cried. I know that you are craving to do these things. You are sitting in someone else's house with your bushfire bags and just wishing with all your heart that you could go home and unpack them. Last night I tucked my children into their own beds and I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry that you don't get to do this. I'm so sorry that you are all still sharing a room in someone else's house trying to find the things that your children want but you can't because you left them in your house that doesn't exist anymore. I am so sorry. I need you to know this. Those of us with homes are thinking about you every second of everyday. As I put the washing on with a grateful heart I know you are craving this. As I choose a shirt to put on I know you are craving this. As I cook a meal in my own saucepan I know you are craving this. Those of us who somehow still have a home are here to be your legs when you can't stand. We are here to parent your children when you can't. We are here to catch you when you fall. Our doors are wide open any time of the day or night. Our homes are now your homes. We are no longer friends, we are now family. The kettle is on and our arms are open.

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06 feb 2021

Beautiful 🕊

Me gusta
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