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A Whale went by this morning

A whale went by this morning

She swam swiftly through the ocean blue

My sorrows were raging out of me

as I watched her make her way through

The injustices of the world lay heavily

upon my shoulders today

I want to make everything bright and fair

But the sky is so dark, gloomy and grey

There are people being so cruel

to our little tribe down by the bay

we are taking hits on every side

while telling the young ones, 'everything's okay'

I want to scream out the truth

tell everyone what they've done

But my soul whispers 'lead with love,

don't sink to their depths, rise to the sun,'

I feel fury in my bones, thunder in my eyes

as I watch them get away with blackmail

I'm a fighter but my weapon is love

I can't take on evil, I think I'll just set sail

A whale went by this morning

So graceful, so deep and out of reach

She may have spotted me from the ocean

but she wouldn't have known I was drowning on the beach

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2 comentarios

05 feb 2021


Me gusta

17 ago 2020

Oh my Becky how talented you are and how I’m feeling what you’re feeling. This is so sad, but so beautiful. Keep sharing your thoughts and with that let go of the sorrow brought upon you. Much love to you my dear friend x

Me gusta
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